Monday, June 18, 2007

It was either on a Manday or a Tuesday

Sometimes it becomes really difficult to grasp how quickly time passes and when life moves quickly it is very easy to take things for granted. I often stop and take a look at whatever situation I might be in at any given time and try to appreciate it for what it is and for what I might be getting out of it because there may come a time when I will think back and wish I would have had a greater appreciation for all the things I've done and the life I've lived.

I'm sure I've said it before but I love my boyfriend and although it may not be visible at a glance there is more to us than just the masculinity and the muscles and testosterone and semi-hairiness. We are both highly educated professionals who have amazingly successful careers.

There are drawbacks to being a masculine, muscular semi-hairy professional though. The main one being that many times you spend more time on your man-career then you do on your mansex. This only becomes a problem if you fail to realize it and don't do anything about it. And with that we arrive at last week.

On a day that my boyfriend was going to be home from work early we made plans for some mantime. Our plan was that I would be all clean and ready and waiting on the bed for him when he got home. Usually one of the first things he does when he gets home is take a shower. A shower is necessary because there is quite a bit of sweat and dirt associated with making your place in the world. When you are an athletic man who is out there successfully conquering your part of the world, after you come home you need to wash this sweat and dirt off of the flesh that covers your muscular frame and nourishes the body hair that is the essence of your masculinity and that surrounds and defines your manhood.

While he was in the shower I lie naked on the bed, on my stomach in the semi-darkened room facing away from the bathroom door. When he finished showering and emerged from the bathroom he would see my ass offered to him. I felt him climb on the bed and lower himself on top of me. His legs between mine, his cock between my ass cheeks and his chest resting on my back. I love the feeling of the weight of him on top of me because it makes me feel safe. It makes me feel like the force of all the hatred and homophobia in the world couldn't move us an inch.

He kissed my neck a little as his already hard 8 inch mancock prodded at my ass. He slid down between my legs and started working my manhole with his tongue. Alternating gentle flicks with deep full tongue licks across the tender flesh.

He put some lube on his cock and started stoking himself and then reached under me for my cock. I raised my ass up off the bed giving him full access. He spit on my ass and went back to tonguing my hole while stroking my blood engorged dick. While he was voraciously eating my ass I was moving back and forth on my hands and knees like a wild animal, rhythmically pumping my cock in and out of the chiseled masculine fist clenched around it. It felt so fucking good I was just about to pop my manload right then and there. I didn't though, I stopped, I employed a little restraint, I held back, an ability I acquired during our intense discipline sessions. I hadn't even gotten fucked yet and I figure if you "sign on the dotted line" so to speak and agree to get fucked you should be a man and follow through on the deal, yeild your ass to your boyfriend and take a good fucking. That is of course exactly what I did.

I knew my boyfriend was ready to give it to me when he started lubing up my ass. I raised my ass up for him and he slid easily into me as I was so relaxed from the ass eating I had just enjoyed. His cock feels so good when it slides into me like that. He began pumping my ass as I reached back between our legs and caressed his big manballs with my fingertips as he exclaimed "your ass feels so good, it's so fucking tight." He continued driving in and out with full deep thrusts, pulling out of me every so often and then sinking his manmeat all the way in, down to base of his cock and the tuft of manhair that grows above it.

He pulled out and rolled me over on my back and flipped my legs up and tightly grabbed my ankles in his masculine fists and spit on the hole he was about to drive his rod into. He guided his rock hard piston into my quivering hole, hands free penetrating me as deep as he could, punishing my muscle tightened sphincter with every thrust. I let out a couple of whimpers not so much because it hurt but because creating the illusion that it might be a little painful can be exciting. It's hot when a big man is giving it to his boy and makes his boy take it regardless of whether he is able to or not.

I love when my boyfriend fucks me as hard as he can, as hard as he wants to, however he can to make it feel good for him. I pinch and play with his nipples and rub my hands over his chest and stomach and down to his shaft sliding in and out of me. I touch his scrotum, hot and wet with sweat and lube. "Your cock feel so good, it's so big and hard, come on, fuck me". His eyes close and his head tilts back and he pulls his penis out of me just as he shoots a hot stream of white semen across my chest. He rises above me on his knees which are planted firmly in the space between my legs as he strokes spasm after spasm of his hot seed onto me. It feels warm and my body senses the heat and it feels good and it makes me happy, it feels like life. Life is good.

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